Civil Protection Volunteering System

The Civil Protection Voluntary Organizations are non-profit associations or groups of individuals which constitute part of the Civil Protection human resources. Their purpose is to provide assistance to Civil Protection state bodies in the fields of life protection, health, citizens' property rights, as well as the protection of the environment and the cultural heritage from natural, technological, or man-made disasters and threats which cause emergencies during peacetime.

The General Secretariat for Civil Protection is the competent national body responsible for keeping the so-called " Civil Protection Volunteering Register " which consists of the Civil Protection Voluntary Organizations, their members, vehicles and equipment as well as their action plans.

Law 4662/2020, Part B (articles 55 to 73), regulates issues such as:

  • Purposes and actions of the Civil Protection Voluntary Organizations.
  • Terms of registration in the “Civil Protection Volunteering Register” and terms of acquisition of the “Civil Protection Volunteer” status.
  • Training of Civil Protection Volunteers.
  • Mobilization and Involvement of Volunteers.
  • Support of Voluntary Organizations in infrastructure (materials and means).
  • Evaluation of Voluntary Organizations.