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Διεθνής Συνεργασία


Περιφερειακοί Οργανισμοί

Διεθνής Συνεργασία

Συμβούλιο της Ευρώπης - EUR-OPA

Διμερείς – Πολυμερείς Συμφωνίες

Διεθνής Συνεργασία

Διμερείς συμφωνίες

Η Ελλάδα έχει προβεί στη σύναψη διμερών συμφωνιών σε σειρά επιμέρους τομέων της πολιτικής προστασίας με τις κάτωθι χώρες: Η.Π.Α., Κύπρος, Μάλτα, Ουγγαρία, Ουκρανία, Ρωσία, Τουρκία, Γαλλία.

European Union

Διεθνής Συνεργασία

Civil Protection refers to all the activities aiming at the protection of the lives and properties of citizens from the risks stemming from natural, man-made and environmental disasters by decreasing their effects at a European level in accordance with the national policies on the basis of the principle of subsidiarity.

European Civil Protection Legislation

Διεθνής Συνεργασία

Commission Decision of 29 July 2010 amending Decision 2004/277/EC, Euratom as regards rules for the implementation of Council Decision 2007/779/EC, Euratom establishing a Community civil protection mechanism (2010/481/EU, Euratom)

United Nations

Διεθνής Συνεργασία

ISDR - International Strategy for Disaster Reduction


Διεθνής Συνεργασία

The Civil Emergency Planning Committee (CEPC) is operating within the context of the political pillar of NATO; all the countries of the alliance are represented in it. The Euro Atlantic Partnership Countries (EAPC) are also participating in CEPC.

In the context of CEPC are operating four sub-committees, which have been recently merged into each other and are the following:

Council of Europe - EUR-OPA

Διεθνής Συνεργασία

The General Secretariat for Civil Protection (GSCP) is representing our country in the Council of Europe (CoE) and more specifically in the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement.