The Civil Protection Financial Instrument for the period 2007 – 2013

The Civil Protection Financial Instrument was set up on 05.03.2007 as a result of the Council Decision 2007/162/EC. This Decision unifies in a legislative text the funding deriving from the European Civil Protection Instrument (assistance offered through funding of transportation means, training of experts of the Mechanism etc) as well as from the Commission’s actions to fund surveys and exercises.

The Financial Instrument is financing the following activities:

  • The European Civil Protection Mechanism’s actions
  • The staff’s training on the European Civil Protection Mechanism
  • The EU “Exchange of Experts” Programme
  • The financing of studies and projects

More precisely, the Civil Protection Financial Instrument is supporting actions in the field of the interventions of the Mechanism like the operation of MIC and CECIS, the dispatch of evaluation and coordination experts in affected areas, as well as the relevant support material; especially communication tools and financing of additional transportation means. It also finances the Training Programme of the European Civil Protection Mechanism, the EU “Exchange of Experts” Programme, studies and exercises in the field of Civil Protection as well as general actions of the European Commission and particular Civil Protection actions taken by the Member States.

Financing of studies and Civil Protection Exercises

According to the Civil Protection Financial Instrument, one Member State or a country from the European Economic Area (EEA) can ask for the financing of actions in the fields of the training on the Community Mechanism, the exercises, programmes, studies and seminars. The beneficiaries can be natural or legal persons, of private or public law, while the competent Directorate for the Instrument is the European Commission/ DG Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection.