Welcome to the European Center for Forest fires (ECFF)

ECFF operates since 2003 within the framework of EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement of the Council of Europe, ratified by the Greek Law 2031/92. It is one of the EUR-OPA Specialized Centres, acting towards enhancement of population awareness and increase of resilience to major risks.

Large scale forest fires or “MegaFires” recorded the recent years in global basis have been strongly correlated with climate change, with devastating impacts on the affected population, the critical infrastructures and the environment.

ECFF mainly focuses on issues related to health impacts of the produced smoke in forest fires. This includes exposure assessment of general population and the fire-fighters, as well as of people with increased vulnerability e.g. the elderly, children, people with disabilities etc. Protection and safety of population in case of forest fires in terms of air quality monitoring, by using state-of-the art analytical methods, as well as through effective personal protective equipment is also a priority issue for the Center.

ECFF publishes Forest Fire Net (FFNet) a publication that hosts scientific topics relevant to forest fire and smoke issues (Publications). It also participates in joint projects with other EUR-OPA Specialized Centers.

A leaflet resumes up to now ECFF activities.