Since 2012, CoE finances joint projects among the EUR-OPA Specialized Centres in order to enhance synergisms and knowledge exchange, based on the respective thematic priorities.
Project 2012-2013
Title: “Development of Guidelines for the Defense of Rural Populations, Settlements and other Assets Against Wildfires and Smoke Pollution”
A booklet has been prepared in cooperation with the Global Fire Monitoring Center, Germany (GFMC) entitled:
Project 2016-2017
Title: “Basic Principles of Building Aseismic Code, Evacuation planning of critical infrastructures in case of an Earthquake or a Fire”.
This project runs in cooperation with the European Centre on Prevention and Forecasting of Earthquakes, Greece (ECPFE).   
Objectives of the project:
  • Raising awareness; citizens need to play an active role in case of an emergency, including also vulnerable groups of the population
  • To focus on the evacuation of critical infrastructures in case of an earthquake or a fire, with a special interest in vulnerable groups of the population.
A book has been published by ECFF (ISBN: 978-618-83079-0-2), entitled:
Prepared by: S. Karma, O.Kakaliagou, I. Boukis, E. Pelli, M.Chalaris, M.Statheropoulos
Project 2018-2019
ECFF will run a project entitled:
“Fine and Ultrafine particles from forest fires: Recommendations/Guidelines for protection of vulnerable groups of population”
The aim of the project is to prepare a catalogue of useful practices and recommendations/ guidelines for the protection of population against exposure to fine and ultrafine particles,  with special attention to vulnerable groups of population, such as the elderly, pregnant women, children, people with disabilities or hidden disabilities like asthma, or cardiopulmonary diseases. 
Updated version of recommendations/guidelines will be achieved by networking with medical, health or other relevant organizations in Europe, or other experts, including GFMC.