The Training Programme

One of the elements of the European Civil Protection Mechanism is the Training Programme addressing mainly the staff of the services participating in the interventions (e.g leaders or members of the Intervention Teams, experts etc) or dealing with the offering and acceptance of assistance through the Community Mechanism. A special training on the Civil Protection Modules is expected to start shortly.

The Training Programme, which is under construction at the time being, mainly includes the following courses:

Training Seminars

  • Introduction course
  • Operational Management Course
  • High Level Coordination Course

Three more seminar courses have been added since 2006:

  • High Level Coordination Refresher Courses
  • Staff Management Courses
  • Assessment Mission Courses

The following seminars have been added since 2007:

  • Media and  Security Strategy
  • Operational Management Refresher Courses
  • International Coordination Course
  • Modules Basic Course
  • Information Management Course
  • Technical Experts Course

The EU “Exchange of Experts” Programme

According to this Programme, each Civil Protection service of the Mechanism’s participating countries can invite Civil Protection Experts to present their working methods and exchange their experiences in their field of expertise.

Another goal of the Programme is that of teaching the techniques and working methods to its participating countries.

Information on the Programme as well as the relevant brochure are provided by the website:

The General Secretariat for Civil Protection has the coordinative role in the Programme for Greece.