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رقم الأوروبي المتحد للطوارئ

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رقام التلفونات للحالات الطارئة

European Civil Protection Mechanism

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A significant European initiative has been the establishment of the European Civil Protection Mechanism for the coordination of the Civil Protection interventions in cases of disasters.

The Training Programme

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One of the elements of the European Civil Protection Mechanism is the Training Programme addressing mainly the staff of the services participating in the interventions (e.g leaders or members of the Intervention Teams, experts etc) or dealing with the offering and acceptance of assistance through the Community Mechanism. A special training on the Civil Protection Modules is expected to start shortly.

The Civil Protection Financial Instrument for the period 2007 – 2013

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The Civil Protection Financial Instrument was set up on 05.03.2007 as a result of the Council Decision 2007/162/EC. This Decision unifies in a legislative text the funding deriving from the European Civil Protection Instrument (assistance offered through funding of transportation means, training of experts of the Mechanism etc) as well as from the Commission’s actions to fund surveys and exercises.